Alpha On-Site

Alpha On-site is an innovative and truly hands on solution to your business HR requirements – a genuine partnership team approach.

HR can be very time consuming and require specialist knowledge and expertise. The only option for business has been to recruit a HR assistant or HR manager often at considerable financial cost and based upon our experience often questionable advice. For most businesses the cost is simply too much to have a dedicated HR resource in house.

Our advisors can easily transition into your business and can be the face of HR rather than simply a voice at the end of a telephone. This is a unique service and can save you a considerable amount of money by avoiding the appointment of in-house HR assistants who often lack experience and commercial efficacy.
Our advisors are approachable, can nip issues in the bud on site and can provide you with valuable support saving you the time to enable you to concentrate on your business.

Let us take the HR headache away!

Alpha On-Site provides the best of both worlds. One of our experienced advisors can attend your office, factory or premises 1 or 2 days per month. Whilst on-site they will: –

  • work in partnership with your managers and supervisors to deal with any HR issue
  • conduct personal file audits
  • undertake employee feedback survey’s to aid employee retention
  • manage sickness absence and return to work interviews
  • assist with managing grievances and disciplinary hearings; and
  • deal with any internal HR issue saving you valuable time and resource