What Your Cover Includes

  • Demands for financial compensation or reinstatement by an employee or ex-employee
  • Disputes arising from contracts of employment with employees - such as unfair dismissal claims
  • Alleged breaches of statutory duty imposed by employment law,such as:
    • Unlawful discrimination on grounds of race, sex, disability, religious belief or political opinion, or against part-time workers
    • Breach of the Working Time Regulations or the National Minimum Wage Act
    • Failure to grant rights to parental leave or time off to deal with domestic emergencies
    • "Whistle-blowing" cases
  • Civil actions:
    • Brought by employees or prospective employees arising from their work or application to work as an employee
    • Brought against your employees following an alleged act of unlawful discrimination
    • In relation to being a trustee of your employee pension scheme

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